SPN Team

The team of Sao Paulo Business brings together professionals from the three levels of government (local, state and national) and from the private enterprise, combining fundamental experience and expertise to achieve the company's mission.

Rodrigo Pirajá Wienskoski: Managing Director

Rodrigo Pirajá Wienskoski is responsible for the São Paulo Business Management. He is Attorney of the National Treasury of Special Category and Special Advisor to the Secretary of Legal Business of the São Paulo City Hall. He was  General Coordinator for Administration and Planning of the National Treasury Attorneyship, and also General Deputy Attorney for Financial Issues, International Operations and Extrajudicial Representation of the Union. He graduated in Law at PUC (Portuguese for Pontifical Catholic University) and holds an MBA degree in Economic and Business Law at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

Fernando de Paiva Pieroni: Director of Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

Fernando de Paiva Pieroni  is responsible for structuring Public Private Partnership Projects and Concessions in São Paulo Business. He was Director at Estruturadora Brasileira de Projetos (EBP), responsible for Economic and Regulatory Affairs at Instituto Acende Brasil and consultant at AT Kearney. He graduated in Engineering at UNICAMP (Portuguese for University of Campinas), holds an MA in Economics and Energy Policy at USP (University of Sao Paulo) and a specialist degree in Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships at Harvard.

Beatriz Gusmão: Business Director

Beatriz Gusmão is responsible for the Business area at São Paulo Business. She was Director of International Relations of Campinas city, responsible for International Cooperation area. She was also mentor of the Exports Campinas program, which enables and empowers companies to the international market. She graduated in International Relations from PUC Portuguese for Pontifical Catholic University and holds a MA degree in Global Business Administration from Thunderbird University.

Renata de Andrade Leal: Chief of Staff

Renata de Andrade Leal works since 2005 in the public sector, having actively participated in the structuring projects of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions in the State of São Paulo. She was representative of the State Department of Planning and Management of Sao Paulo in the Fiscal Council of Companhia Docas de São Sebastião and also of INVESTE SP. She graduated in International Relations and Economics from PUC-SP and has an MBA degree in Infrastructure from FGV-SP