What We Do


The New Businesses Area is responsible for many actions, acting from the investor support and promotion of investments until the articulation of institutional, public and private partnerships to improve the business environment in the city of São Paulo. The main activities of the New Businesses area are:

Business Environment Improvement: efforts to make it easier and faster to open new businesses in the city, through improvements and integration of the municipal systems.

Investment Promotion: to promote investments in São Paulo by meetings and supporting Investors and providing technical advice to Municipal Finance and Economic Development's Bureau.

Municipal Partnerships: technical advice to the Culture’s Bureau for attracting sponsorship and prospecting private partners to help enable the main cultural events of the city.


The Project Area is responsible for structuring partnership projects in the scope of the Municipal Program for Public Private Partnerships and Concessions, providing a suitable environment for the establishment of Public Private Partnerships in the city of São Paulo. The main projects of the area are:

Anhembi Arena: technical advice for São Paulo Turismo S/A (SPTuris) in developing a modern multipurpose arena, air-conditioned and covered, designed to receive sporting events and entertainment expanding the range of services offered by Anhembi Park,  according to the highest international standards to optimize the tourism potential of the city.

Public Lighting: technical advice for the Municipal Service’s Bureau and the  Public Lighting Department to structure a Public Private Partnership in the form of administrative concession destined to modernize and to manage the Municipal Public Lighting, allowing the incorporation of new technologies and improved quality to the public lighting service of São Paulo, with application of a remote management system that allows real-time monitoring.

Municipal Program of Public Private Partnerships: to improve the city´s institutions to better develop the Municipal Program of Public Private Partnerships

Other Actions: technical support to the Municipal Administration in projects that involve interaction with the private sector in many areas such as mobility, health, education, urban infrastructure.