What we do

SP Negócios operates in three main areas: Investors support, Structuring of Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions and Improvement of the City's Business Environment. Get to learn more about our services:

Investors support

SP Negócios can be your business partner since the beginning of the investment project in the city of São Paulo. At no cost, we advise the company's establishment in the city and provide the needed information to assist your investment decision. Check out what we can do for you:

  • Relevant information about the city of São Paulo and its regions;
  • Information on municipal tax incentives;
  • Governance with public and private entities to provide information about the investment project development;
  • Accompaniment of company meetings with branches of São Paulo City Hall, whenever necessary;
  • Assistance for identifying the best locations for the investment, as well as visiting places with the investor.

Structuring of Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

SP Negócios provides technical support for the City's Management Board of Partnerships (CGP), and structures projects previewed in the Public-Private Partnerships Municipal Plan.

Improvement of the Business Environment

Among with other municipal and private entities, SP Negócios works to improve the city's business environment by reducing the average time to start up a business in the city. SP Negócios can also assist investors with information on:

1. Needed procedures for starting a business;
2. Needed procedures for obtaining building permits;
3. Regulatory environment;
4. Tax environment;
5. Financial system;
6. Auditing and Accounting;
7. Business entities and associations;
8. Living in Sao Paulo.