Why São Paulo

Welcome to São Paulo, the right city to do business

Quick facts about the city of São Paulo are impressive. The city has the most dynamic economy from Latin America, a leader in terms of GDP, population and investment attraction. São Paulo’s GDP (around US$ 254 billion, in 2011) is bigger than the ones from many countries such as Greece, Finland, Peru, Portugal and Czech Republic. Due to such economic power, around 65% off all foreign companies settled in Brazil keep their operations in the city of São Paulo. Besides that, the city holds almost half of Latin American corporate headquarters of great international companies. The headquarter of BM&F Bovespa, the largest stock market in Latin America in terms of market value, is located here. São Paulo is the main destination of direct foreign investments in Latin America and, between 2003 and 2012, was responsible for about 25% of the investment projects in the country. Not by chance, São Paulo was considered the best place to investment in Latin America, and the city with the greatest economical potential from all Americas by fDi Magazine in 2013.

Not only the figures prove why São Paulo is the best place to invest: the city is also the spotlight in Brazil of important economical activities, such as information technology, financial services, technical and scientific services, health services, among others, presenting extremely qualified human resources, universities and research institutes recognized worldwide. Strategically located near the main airports, ports and the best roadways in Latin America, the city has a great transportation infrastructure and connectivity, supporting the creation of new businesses. It can also be highlighted the rich cultural life, with many entertainment options, such as concerts, restaurants, great shows and international expositions.